• Once upon a puppet...

    Most of you know I have made some puppets. And although I’ve posted a few WIP pics, I thought it’d be fun to do a little process post on this here blog of mine :)

    This madness began around April/May 2013. Silly me thought it a great idea to teach myself how to make a puppet. I’ve always been cursed with the “I could do that” gene and that’s exactly what I thought when a friend posted a picture of a Muppet “Whatnot” from FAO Schwarz.

    So, I came up with a design I wanted to create and then started to research.

    I checked YouTube for tutorials and I looked up puppet-makers to see if they had and process posts on their respective blogs. Of course, the tutorials I came across didn’t say how to make my exact design, so I had to create some paper mock-ups. I didn’t have any prior pattern-making experience, so that was a bit of a challenge.

    Once I figured out how to make the basic shape of my puppet, I bought the materials I would need and got started. I worked on the puppet full-time for a week and the result of all the blood, sweat, and tears, was my first puppet, Penelope (Penny).

    Since June of this year, I have made 5 additional puppets. In total, I’ve made 8 puppets and I learn something new with each one I build.

    One of the recent puppets I made was for the lovely and ridiculously talented, Renee Kurilla. (You still have time to back her Kickstarter, so go do that and then come back!)

    Making a puppet based on an upcoming picture book she illustrated, Orangutanka (due out March 2015) started out as a joke at least year’s CTN. And because I’m nuts, I followed through with the joke ;)

    Here are some process pics of the orangutan puppet coming to life. It was my first animal puppet and my first time working with faux fur. Faux fur is not the cheapest, so I definitely did my best not to mess up. Figuring out how to pattern the orangutan's snout was also a challenge. It’s a bit off model, from Renee's design, but I think he turned out pretty well.

    Renee is happy with Tangy (that's what she named him) and that's what matters!

    I hope you all have a great week! :D