• Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be Made into a Puppet)

    Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be Made into a Puppet)

    Hello everyone!

    I know, I KNOW! I'm terrible at blogging (but I'm good at Twitter and Instagram)!

    I am working on a lot of projects and this is one that I just finished :)

    I am slowly building my puppet skills and I really want to increase my skill-set to be able to create puppets of my own characters, which are definitely a little more complex. So, in order to practice my construction skills, I wanted to find an appealing character, not of my own design, to build.

    Enter Snappsy the Alligator.

    A fun, simple design with limited clothing to hide my mistakes behind ;)

    I won't bore you with a step-by-step of the process, but here are some photos I remembered to take.

    And the final puppet! I'm really happy with how he turned out. He's not completely on model, but he was already the biggest puppet I've ever done and I didn't want him to get too out of control. He is also the first puppet I've done that has a tail, that has a working rig/mec, and he's the first full-bodied puppet I've created.

    Anyway, Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) by the fabulous Julie Falatko and amazing Tim Miller is out today! It is getting STELLAR reviews (obviously), so go grab yourself a copy ASAP! :D